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Amy Morris Dudley, Career, Resume & Interview Coaching

I know exactly how you feel. Burned out. Uncertain. Confused. Before I took action, I was collapsing under the stress of my job and felt like there was no way out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way out when you’re ready to level-up your career with work you actually enjoy doing. And that’s what I do. Show you how to sing your own praises. Guide you to identify what you want do in the next chapter of your career and to create a great resume. Even teach you how to navigate interviews and to negotiate salary and benefits.

Now or Never

There is a science to satisfaction. Pinpointing the right career or the right job for you isn’t a matter of desperately wanting and waiting. It’s a matter of connecting the dots between your innate strengths, abilities, talents, triggers, and passions with the right outlets. It’s not always obvious to the average person, but the path to a rewarding career already exists. And with my signature coaching program, Now or Never, I’ll reveal every step.

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