About Amy Morris-Dudley

How I Reignited My Career

I was just like you, wishing for work where I could make an impact & add value to others. I wanted to be excited about helping someone every morning. Instead, I felt overworked, anxious, and burned out. I was well paid, but what good did that do me when a part of me died each day?

You see, I had fallen into my career after college. 20 years later, it was eating me alive. I was successful on the outside, but inside I was feeling miserable daily, with zero motivation or desire to show up at work

“There’s got to be more than this,” I whined. And my inner voice whispered, “yes.” That’s it. No epiphany, no beacon of light. Just this little flicker of hope. And inside, I stepped closer to it.

Like tiny dominos, each step revealed the next right step. Each step required action, and every action increased my confidence. I got excited and invested in myself. I found teachers and coaches (truth, they usually found me) and I started seeing patterns, making breakthroughs, always leading to my next right step.

Real change happened and I gave it my all, determined to follow this path forward, even when I was scared. In a twist of irony, skills from my previous career became the foundation for this one, just used in totally new ways. I started working with others to uncover their paths. We did career soul-searching together. I helped them show skills and value in their resumes and to navigate their job search and interviews, while helping to get them 20–30% raises in salary.

It was exhilarating, and to be honest, felt like magic!

I am living proof that it’s possible to find change, balance, and meaningful impact in the work you do. And I would be honored to be your guide on this path. Get started with a free consult below.

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